Marriage Celebrant and Professional Party Starter

Hands up if you love wedding cake! ( both mine are up). I also love fun parties, twinkling lights, daggy dancing, amazing frocks and hanging with equally cool and lovely people. I love weddings!!

I’ve been rockin’ out at wedding ceremonies for a little while now and I gotta say … I have the best job in the world! I feel bad even calling it a job. Do you reckon Jamie Oliver refers to everything he does with the restaurants and the cookbooks and the tv shows while hanging out and eating with cool peeps as work?

Don’t get me wrong, I put plenty of hard yakka in when I’m interviewing my couples, preparing ceremonies and brainstorming all the interesting ways I can share every unique version of love. But by the time each wedding days rolls around I feel like I’m just hanging out with friends and I consider myself to have been soo lucky to be able to have partied with them.  I can’t tell you how many of my couples I have wanted to adopt me as a real-life bestie.

As a self-described Mumpreneur and total glutton for punishment, my passion for awesome and personal weddings gave me the idea for a new venture I’ve been plugging away at (in all my spare time)  called the WHIZ BANG Weddings Club. My work with WHIZ BANG keeps me on the forefront of everything new and worth knowing in weddings and you can be sure that I keep my couples in the loop!

In case you haven’t put two and two together, I’m not your average celebrant. My husband will verify that nothing about me is ‘normal’. It’s been said that I wouldn’t even know how to deliver a standard ho-hum ceremony and I’d have to agree, I wouldn’t!! The weddings I craft are super happy and fun occasions. I make everyone involved feel relaxed and included and set a vibe that is totally stress free.

What my friends and fellow wedding industry mates will tell you is that I’m one funny lady. Also that I’m entertaining, upbeat, well spoken, obsessively enthusiastic about weddings and last but not least… Have legs that look great in a cocktail frock.

Things my rockstar couples have to say about me



ALANA FOR PRESIDENT! We are so thrilled with our wedding ceremony! We didn’t know a wedding could be so much fun. Alana made our guests laugh, she made them cry, she scored us the declaration of ‘best wedding ever’ from our guests. Alana’s quirky and charismatic style was perfect for us and complimented us so well, while Alana was hilarious and entertaining she made it all about us. If you want a fun wedding – Alana is your gal!

We had endless comments about how our ceremony was “so us” which is all we wanted. You had people in stitches and provided such a high energy environment which then continued on throughout the night. Guests even asked us if you were related to us, as they thought you knew us so Lauren and Curtis

The best thing about marrying Tim was meeting you…. And finding my soulmate yada yada yada. ( followed by) I mean, Tim’s my soulmate.. (and) You’re a motherfucking delight! Lauren

In case you were wondering, Brides with names that don’t start with ‘Laur’ have great things to say

I got to be a guest where Alana married my best friend I’ve known since I was 7. She absolutely nailed Naomi & Adrian’s ceremony. I had to stop myself a few times from laughing so embarrassingly hard. There was no run of the mill wedding ceremony talk, it was so engaging from start to finish, It was so personalised to them – Alana captured them perfectly and made every single person there feel included in their love story. So memorable…Warm, wonderful stuff. Tara

You really were just fabulous Alana, thank you so much. Both of our parents were just raving about the ceremony. It really was everything we wanted, fun and real, we didn’t want it to be fake, I loved it when you threw in that we sent you so many words, some of which were just rubbish, that was the best! I really think everyone realised pretty quickly from the moment you started playing “reverse survivor” with them that this was a wedding where they could feel relaxed, laugh, and have fun 🙂 Everyone we’ve had a chance to speak to have actually said they had an amazing, fun time and it was the best wedding they’ve been too, and I know that your ceremony style really set the scene, and you dealt with my over-excitement very well. I get excited about the smallest things so I couldn’t contain myself that day sorry! Laura and Nick

Do yourself (and your guests) a favour, and book Alana as your celebrant. Alana created a ceremony that was laughed out loud funny, yet so very personal and memorable. She took the time to get to know Josh and I as a couple and provided invaluable assistance in writing our vows. She also happens to have a fabulous sense of fashion.Thank you, Alana, for getting us mother-truckin‘ married! xx Tilly and Matt