A couple standing next to their amazing wedding celebrant and celebrating getting hitched.

Amazing Wedding Celebrant and Professional Party Starter


Why, hello there. Ahoy! Howdy! 

I’m Alana. 

Pleased to e-meet you!

I’m an amazing wedding celebrant, professional party starter, public speaker for corporate and charity events, former director of an Australian wedding website directory, and owner and planner of a small wedding elopement biz – just to name a few. 

I have over a decade of experience in the wedding industry and am passionate about creating fun and authentic wedding ceremonies without the bullshit. In fact, you could say that crafting a non-boring wedding ceremony is my jazz!

I’m all about relaxed, personal and meaningful wedding ceremonies. Because it’s a celebration of two people getting hitched – regardless of your sex or gender. I want to get to know who you two are as a couple and present your brand of love your way.

Often, I hear couples say, “We just want a quick and simple ceremony so that we can get to the fun stuff at the reception quicker.” 

And I think to myself, those poor loves have only been to rubbish ceremonies! I believe a ceremony should an awesome celebration too!

I want your wedding to be one of the most memorable days in not just your life, but your guests too. That’s why I go out of my way to create an upbeat vibe from the absolute get go. When people are smiling and enjoying themselves, they aren’t keeping an eye on the clock. And when ceremonies are packed with the couple’s own stories, personalities and fun facts, they won’t be wishing for the ceremony to end either!


The Cool Celebrant For LGBTQI Ceremonies

I am a passionate supporter of the LGBTQI community. Over the years, I’ve provided ongoing support for the LGBTQI community and have been an active campaigner for marriage equality.

In fact, to celebrate the changes to the Australian Marriage Amendment Act in 2017, I hosted a day called “Love Is Love” at Hillstone St Lucia, a celebrated wedding venue in Brisbane. It was an incredible event, and my wedding business and some of my favourite vendors took the opportunity to gift four same sex couples with free weddings.

So if you’re looking for an amazing wedding celebrant for a non-boring wedding ceremony, let’s chat! 

“I really do love telling the couple’s story. I spend sooo much time researching, drafting and telling my husband the jokes I have planned. When I see the shock and joy on the laughing faces I am just over the moon.”


How It All Started

I began my career in hairdressing. I loved the creative aspect of working in a hair salon. In particular, I really enjoyed working in a social and fun environment where clients would tell me their life stories. In addition to being able to work with some of the top salons in Brisbane City and the Fortitude Valley, I began to specialise in photo shoots and fashion shows. Later, I ran my own home and mobile salon where wedding hair became my speciality. 

Then one day, my hairdressing career came to a crashing halt. I was involved in a car accident where I broke a bone in one of my hands. My doctor’s instructions were to not use my hand for a whole nine months. What was I going to do?


I’ll Marry The Shit Out Of You!

A little while later, I was attending a wedding industry lunch (are you seeing a theme here?) and loaded up on painkillers, I was enjoying myself, drinking and not holding back with what I was saying. 

It was right then that one of my friends stated how it’d be a real laugh if I was a marriage celebrant. 

At the time, my husband and I were doing the hard yards of raising two small children. The idea of me being one of those romantic wedding celebrants could not have seemed more far-fetched. 

I informed my friends that if I were to become a celebrant, that there’d be none of that fluff and nonsense. I’d be making sure that any couples that chose me as a celebrant would have a non-boring wedding ceremony. It’d be a wedding without the bullshit. Not dissuaded, my friends encouraged me to market myself that way. 

Pretty soon, I was a qualified marriage celebrant and making a name for myself as the celebrant who would “marry the shit out of you!”

Now, I can’t get enough of weddings. And in addition to rockin’ it as an amazing wedding celebrant, I also run a small weddings and elopements biz.

“She may not be famous, but she’s certainly a performer – one that can hold an audience’s attention and create a vibe where fun can flourish.”


An Amazing Wedding Celebrant For Your Wedding 

With me as your marriage celebrant, I can offer you a one-off, one of a kind day that’s only limited by your ability to think out of the box.

Actually, it’s probably easier to say what you won’t get from me as a celebrant.

You won’t get unnecessary puke worthy fluff.

You won’t receive any closed-minded views towards non-traditional family units. I believe that all couples deserve the right to be formally recognised. Including being able to enjoy awkward family Christmas lunches where your version of Granny’s plum pudding will be judged by the in-laws.

My appearance will not be daggy, nor will I be wearing boring beige suits. I will do my best to fit in with your dress theme.


In a world outside of weddings, Alana is a public speaker, funeral celebrant and creative collaborator. She often teams up with local talent and businesses to produce private, public and corporate events.

Alana Salm - an amazing wedding celebrant

To learn more about what this amazing wedding celebrant does outside of hitching check out alanasalm.com.au 

Alana is the host of BANG UP CHATS – a video series aimed to help couples plan the most awesome wedding they can.  Full length episodes are live now!