Alana Salm Celebrant

Alana Salm CelebrantFor like ever. Where to start when planning a ceremony

For like ever! Where to start when planning a ceremony

So you met someone. Lucky you! You think they are pretty alright, they think you are tops also. One day one of you or maybe both of you (at the same time, just like when two kids calls ‘jinx’) have a light bulb moment and you decide it time to get hitched. Fun times!

Now that was the easy part. What comes next and can sometimes be tricky to wrap your head around so I’m going to talk you through it.

Pick a super cool chick with red hair and fun glasses to be your celebrant ( Alana Salm – Marriage Celebrant Brisbane) and give her a call, send her an email or message her on ole facey. Easy so far right?!

Decide on what kind of ceremony is for you. Is it a commitment ceremony your after to celebrate a milestone moment in your life or are you chasing a wedding ceremony with all the legal components?

If your going the legal route, theres a bit of housekeeping that needs to happen before we get the ball rolling. You need to sit down with the before mentioned super cool chick with red hair and fun glasses to fill in and lodge a NOIM Form. When this takes place Alana will need to sight the original copies of your Australian issued birth certificate or foreign issued birth certificate / passport. If neither of you has been married before its pretty straight forward. In the case where one of you or both has been divorced or widowed, original copies of divorce or death certificates either Australian issued or foreign issued will need to be presented at this point too.

So thats its, first stage of legal stuff complete. Eeasy Peeasy right!! Now we can all get on to the more fun stuff, like I dunno… PLANNING A KICK ARSE CEREMONY!!