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Celebrating someone’s life

Birth, marriage, death. We celebrate the first two but when it comes to the last part, often it is so overwhelming, sad or unexpected, that the way we want to say goodbye properly is lost. This is true for both the dying and those left behind. Increasingly, people are opting for Funeral Celebrants & Deathwalkers to ease the burden and offer strength at a difficult time.


How I can help

  • Helping the dying to walk their own journey towards death as openly, courageously and as best they can.
  • Offering guidance to carers and loved ones so that they feel informed and able to to make plans and prepare what is needed after death occurs and empower and enable them to be as open, courageous and the best they can.
  • Hosting and facilitating funerals, fun-erals (light-hearted funerals,) memorials, wakes and any other name for a ceremony / service / ritual you could think of that would essentially celebrate a life or help say goodbye.
Brisbane Death, Funeral & Remembrance Services
Alana Salm Brisbane Funeral Celebrant

Death Walker – I am with you

Inspired and instructed by Zenith Virago from the Natural Death Care Centre, I became a Death Walker.

  • It’s someone who helps a person make plans for dying, walks them through the journey so that they can transition without fear, supports the family and then helps them make personalised arrangements for the body and lastly hosts the funeral as a celebrant.
  • It’s like being a midwife but for the dying or a personal mobile funeral planner. Then I’d stay on as a celebrant for the funeral and facilitate a meaningful send-off.


I’m available to chat about death and dying things over a hot cuppa or a cold glass of wine most weekdays around Brisbane. If you’re elsewhere or it’s more convenient I’m happy to talk on the phone or book in a video chat session. If you would like to organise a funeral or to book me as a funeral / memorial celebrant please call 0415355744 or fill in my form.

Death Walker - Helping the dying


Death Walker - Helping the dying


Death Walker - Helping the dying


Death Walker - Helping the dying


Death Walker - Helping the dying


Death Walker - Helping the dying



“Alana is a celebrant who knows how create an event that sensitively meets individual needs and what people require to commemorate the important milestones of life. I would therefore recommend her to anybody who needs assistance in organising and marking any occasion. Alana really took the time to get to know us and to work with us to craft an individual ceremony that was, loving and quirky. She provided lots of practical advice on how to make the ceremony fun and inclusive for a wide range of people including kids and the elderly. She also went out of her way to ensure that all of the special people who were invested in the ceremony were acknowledged and included as much as possible.Our guests laughed, they cried, they had a bloody good time during the service. You know you've picked the right celebrant when guests go out of their way to find out where they can contact her should they ever need to.”

Thank you Alana. Sarah and Lou.

Meet Alana, your death guide & organiser

So, what’s a professional marriage celebrant like me doing a thing like death? Well I’ll tell you!

Years ago after being married myself and having attended a bunch of weddings, I was feeling duped when I learned all the ins and outs of what ‘the Man’ made us think had to happen at a wedding, what the State of Queensland legally required for a marriage to take place versus the dreams, hope and wishes couples and families would like to have as part of their wedding day. I’ve had a rep for being a funny celebrant / storyteller for quite a while now. 

Fast forward to now, I’m older, have professional experience with working with families and personal experience with special needs, disabilities and inclusive with young people. I’ve had losses. I’ve seen illness progress to death. I’ve heard news of tragedy and I’ve smiled at the thought of the full life that was lived and laughed a belly laugh at old memories of people I’ve loved for a very long time.

In the same way I wanted to empower couples to get married and celebrate in the ways that suited their personalities and families best, I now offer myself and the things I’ve learnt along the way to help individuals and families tackle death, dying and funerals.

Me being me, I like ceremonies and rituals to be something a whole tribe can participate in and I want loved ones to know they can be involved as little or as much as they’d like to be while knowing I’m ready to jump in and help at any time. I encourage people to be inclusive, and let kids and music add colour and meaning to ceremonies.

Brisbane Funeral Celebrant & Deathwalker

"At the end of the day, we can endure much more than we think we can." Frieda Kahlo

Thank you to artist Heather Galler for allowing the use of her image "Folk Art Parrots" on this website and supporting me so that people can be less fearful about the dying experience and to enjoy the beauty around them.


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