Parties that people get married at (AKA – Wedding Ceremonies)

What’s in a name  ceremony.

‘So what happens in a normal wedding ceremony?’ Seriously, what’s normal? ‘What do you have to do at a ceremony?’ I’m often asked. I find those questions a bit curly and I answer ‘that it all depends on the couple/family and what they think a Marriage is.’

My own personal marriage is about family. Family to me is what matters. I believe in all kinds of families. I’ve heard a lot people say that getting married is just a piece of paper and for some people that’s true and I recognise the commitment they have made personally to their other halves and their families regardless, and their homes are happy and thriving. I also believe that you can be a couple who chose not to have children but still be your own family of two and stand up and says your I-do-s to anyone who wants to hear them. I believe in colourful so called non traditional families with two dudes or two chicks and I support their dream to be legally bound together if they want to.

So what happens at a ceremony again?  What you think should happen at your ceremony is all that matters to me. Its not my place to judge and lock you into a tired format that’s been done to death and has no personal relevance to you. If you want your commitment to be spoken only to the benefit for the one you love in your backyard without the fancy piece of paper or for a handful of friends at a meaningful spot to witness or you would like it choreographed into a massive flashmob spectacular lets go grab a drink and nut it all out

Alana Salm Weddings / Celebrant




(At bloody last!!)

On 7 December 2017, the Australian Parliament passed the Marriage Amendment (Definition and Religious Freedoms) Act 2017 to change the definition of marriage and provide for marriage equality in Australia. The right to marry in Australia will no longer be determined by sex or gender.

Stated on the website for The Attorney General

From Saturday the 9th December, myself and other Australian Celebrants will be able to create history with the new Marriage Amended allowing us to lodge NoIM forms for ANY TWO PEOPLE.

That means that having completed required legal documents, Sama Sex Couples will be able to legally marry as soon as the 9th January 2018!!!!

What you can expect from me…

  • A totally authentic ceremony that’s written just for you! I’ll be making an effort to learn everything that’s rad about your relationship and all the crazy and weird things you love and don’t love so much about each other. It will be an interactive celebration of the likes your family and guests have never before seen and will be talking about forever!

  • A helping hand. You don’t have to become a wedding expert overnight. I’ve been in the industry for years and I’m happy to walk you through everything. I’m kinda like your wedding ceremony coach.

  • All the legals taken care of. This should really go without saying, after all, its kinda the whole reason why you need a celebrant to officiate in the first place. A wedding without a celebrant there to make things legit is really just a really big party.

  • A catch up at one of my fav local watering holes so the three of us can finally hug, compliment each other on looking just as awesome in real life as we do on Instagram AND to get the legal documents started.

  • A ceremony run through / brainstorming sesh. I’ll give you a rundown of the kinds of things that are both legally required and optional to include in your ceremony. Because sometimes it can be a lot to take in, I’ll follow with an email later with the options and ideas we discussed.

  • Endless replies to your emails and answers to your crazy and not so crazy questions. Plus availability for video chat meetings if required.

  • Vow Coaching. More often than not I find people are freaked out by the idea of writing their weddings vows. Listen up… its not rocket science, just think about all the ways that person rocks your world! If you get stuck or don’t know where to start just let me know and I’ll work with you to find the right words.

  • I will provide you both with printed cards to read your personal vows from.

  • Top of the line wireless P.A System with iPod connectivity. I’m no D.J. but I’m happy to give you a run down on the sort of tunes that set a great scene and a loved up vibe.

  • A fabulously dressed thirty something year old with great hair.

  • If you have certain dress requirements (such as themed weddings) I will do my best to fit in!

  • Over a decade of experience in the wedding industry.

  • A cracker of a preferred supplier list at your disposal. I’ve come across the best, the most creative and the nicest vendors worth knowing. Heck these days most of them are my personal mates. If I recommend a business to you, you can relax in knowing that they will be honest, authentic and reliable peeps.

  • I will ensure Your day is what YOU want it to be and not what someone else thinks it’s it should be.

  • I invest a lot of time getting to know you both. Learning your stories, all of your daggy inside jokes and listening to what you both have in mind for the kind of vibe you want to achieve. When the day rolls around we stand up the front and laugh like we have been mates for years and celebrate all the things that matter to you most.

    Travel fees apply for outer Brisbane and beyond for both the rehearsal and actual ceremony!

“I really do love telling the couple’s story. I spend sooo much time researching, drafting and telling my husband the jokes I have planned. When I see the shock and joy on the laughing faces I am just over the moon.”

Thank you so effing much to Matt, Aimee, and Michaela from YOUR WEDDING STORY for this crack up videos!