It’s award season apparently and I know this because my Facebook feed is full of ‘news’ stories of who wore what and who needs to apologise to whom for acting bananas at whats-her-face’s after-party. I confess I do get excited when the best and the worst dressed lists come out and as always when it comes to all things Lizzo, I’m a fan.

A new trend that is happening on the red carpets called “sustainable fashion” is something I’m mad keen to see start taking place at weddings too.

To break it down – to be dressed in a  sustainable manner one might rent clothes, buy a vintage ensemble or wear something they already own.

Now I don’t mean a bride that’s getting married for the second time around should don the same frock twice, although if the dress fits…. What I mean is that wedding parties and guests could be encouraged to ‘shop’ from their own wardrobes for things they haven’t worn in a while or borrow from a friend- Hello expensive bridesmaids dress from 2015 that we all said looked classic and could be worn over and over but in fact has only ever been worn that one time and has since been forgotten about!

For me, as a fulltime marriage celebrant that’s been in the job for years now I have been known to go through shopping cycles of getting something new to wear for every wedding (cos Instagram) but in recent years I started to come to my sense about how un-sustainable that practise was. I’ve always been quality over fast fashion shopper but I challenged myself to do better.

At a dress-up party 2 years ago I met ‘Annie Lenox’. Annie aka Amber was a dressmaker with a quirky flair and an appreciation for vintage style. For a while, all my ‘new’ outfits were handmade by Amber. Now I’m a handy sort of gal. I’ve been known to dabble in art, craft and sewing. Turns out my dressmaker is also a great teacher so these days what you see me wearing to events and weddings is likely something I whipped up myself.

Renting outfits isn’t something I’ve looked into. As a short and round lady, buying outfits IRL takes my will to live and shopping online is exhausting and overwhelming so hiring from a service like Glam Corner  although I’m sure they would have tonnes of uber fabulous frocks and they claim to be very convenient still seems too scary to me.

Vintage ensembles are something I could manage. I’m more of a ‘pop down to my local Lifeline’ kinda gal but if you just so happen to be Facebook Friends with Donatella Versace you could always ask her what’s happening with the infamous ‘safety pin dress’ Liz Hurley wore

Liz Hurley

Vintage Versace


If you are a hoarder from way back like me I’m sure you will be spoiled for choice once you throw back a Zyrtec and do a deep dive through the back of your robe and the big stripey bags you store in the spare room, under the beds and maybe in the garage ( and your mums garage too). I recently found a FAB party dress in my dressing room that a wore to a wedding yonks ago.


Wedding dress

Party Dress 1991, handmade by my Mum


Here’s some inspo from proper famous people who have re-worn frocks to big fancy events.

Elizabeth Banks during 2004 Vanity Fair Oscar Party at Mortons in Beverly Hills, California, United States. (Photo by Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic)


Jane Fonda now and then – 6 years apart!


Meryl Streep then 1979 fast forward to – 2009. Who wants to see her strut in this a third time?