Married by Alana

How to get married by Alana

I get a lot of emails from couples who know they want a ceremony that is really awesome. Thing is, what they don’t normally know is what happens in a ceremony ( legally or traditionally). Like most things in life its easier to write a list of what you don’t want to do at your wedding then it is to decide on what you do. [ Insert Ryan Gosling meme from The Notebook. You know the one where he’s screaming tell me what you want (for dinner).. no? Moving right along then.].

My approach to writing a ceremony is to first include what one legally must do. Add traditional rituals or elements if it fits the couple and then I go nuts stripping all the ‘fluff’ away and adding fun and personal bits and bobs that really give you a sense of who those crazy lovebirds are and what kind of world they are going to conquer with the other by their side.

To help you guys learn how to kick the whole process off in the very beginning, my friends at Dolled Up Digital and I have drawn this fun little infographic.

Enjoy xx Alana