From legendary Grandparents, larakin Groomsmen and Couples who I feel like I’ve been lifelong pals with, I party with the best. I also meet AMAZING Wedding Vendors. Aimee and Matt’s wedding had it all!!

Graciously Matt, Aimee and the uber wonderful Michaela of YOUR WEDDING STORY  gifted me some wonderful videos to share what they loved most about the ceremony/show I celebrated with them.  What rockstars right!!  ( luckiest celeb in the world!).

Baby Mat-Mee will be turning up any week now and I wish the trio a whole mountain of love. And big squeezy hugs to my girl Michaela for producing such rad movies. xx


When a couple has returned from their honeymoon, updated their relationship status and received some highlight pics from their photographer, I love nothing more than receiving an email from them full of all the goss from what went down after I left and to see what the pros captured for the album!

This page isn’t big enough to hold all my fav pics so I’ve put together a bit of a random selection. To see my most recent shenanigans pop over to my Instagram. Oh and huge thanks to all the couples and photographers that have sent me stunning images to share xx.