Tamara O’Callaghan Wedding Singer

One thing I know, is that music is kinda a big deal for any event. I spent months, literally months putting together 12 hours of a killer play list for our wedding. It was soo worth the effort and time I put in to make sure each part of our day floated past us with amazing and appropriate ambience. Over the next few months I’ll be asking my talented muso mates to help you guys out when it comes to getting the tunes perfect for your wedding.

Tamara O’Callaghan is a pocket sized bombshell, an accomplished singer, performer and musician. Heres what she’s got to say

Over the years working as a professional singer and performer, I have noticed that booking music for a wedding leaves a great number of couples clueless and confused. To be completely honest, I understand where people are coming from, as the possibilities of music choices that can be organized for the big day are endless. I wish to try and eliminate as much confusion on the subject as possible by providing information and advice on the subject of wedding music.

When first considering planning a wedding, some questions that might spring into mind may be: Do I have to have classical music? Do I book a DJ? How long do they play for? How much is this going to cost? Can I just plug in an iPod? How do I know if the performers are any good? Do I have to choose their set list? Can they learn our special song? You might also be worrying that although you love heavy metal, fusion jazz perhaps that might not create the ambiance you were envisioning for the day.

To start helping you out, I’ve made a list of some of the main things you need to consider when thinking about music for the day because it’s VERY important to have music at your wedding. Music has great impact on the mood of the event:
BUDGET – You don’t need to go over the top, but be please be fair. If you cannot afford live musicians then you can still make a kick ass play list on your iPod and invest in some decent speakers for the day.
LOCATION OF EVENT – Are you getting married on a beach? Then perhaps booking a live jazz band will be extremely difficult. Remember most bands need power points and no water near cables (health and safety). Also most musicians require pay to travel, meaning before they play they need to drive (sometimes to very far locations), leave enough time so they are early enough to set up, bump in and THEN start playing.
SIZE OF WEDDING – This might not be that important but a big wedding might need a band to dance too, a smaller wedding might suit a cocktail Jazz trio.
CEREMONY AND/OR RECEPTION – Do you want live music at both or just one? Do you want to use the same band for both? Do you want different styles of music at different times? I have found with people on a budget have live music at one and iPod play list for the other. Some couples like contrasting music between the ceremony and reception (eg. live harp for the ceremony and then live pop/jazz band for the reception)
MUSIC INBETWEEN – Between the bands breaks has someone organized and iPod to play music so the energy isn’t affected? Have you got some form of entertainment for your guests while you are getting photos?
YOUR PERSONAL MUSICAL TASTE – This is very important, your wedding should be a reflection of your personality and relationship with your partner. I will go more into this in the coming weeks but take time to think about what you like to listen to musically and how you can incorporate that into your wedding. You want the music at your wedding to enhance your and your guests experience and set the mood that you want.

Until then, happy planning!