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Marriage Celebrant & Professional Party Starter

EP 1 – Who is Alana and what does she do? Welcome to the series that shares Alana’s personal take, tips and hopes for really amazing marriage ceremonies.

Best time of day for a Wedding Ceremony

EP 2 – Is there some law that says all weddings need to take place at 3pm on a Saturday? NOPE! In this video Alana talks about what how to figure out what the best time is FOR YOU to get married.

How To Up Your


EP 3- Kick off your wedding festivities with a fun vibe right from the first moment your guests arrive. Alana shares her tried and tested strategies for calming stressed minds and preparing folks to smile and laugh their guts out.


EP 4 – Where should the couple stand? Do you have to walk down an aisle? There are so many ways and combos one could set up a ceremony space to create warmth, intimacy and whimsy.

Your guests will ADORE you if you have these things at your ceremony

EP 5 – Happy Guests = Happy Wedding! Consider what some of your guests might appreciate to have at your ceremony. Alana talks about comfort, logistics and practical considerations for travelers and children.

Should We Have Pets At Our Ceremony?

EP 6 – Man’s best friend as Grooms Bestman? Is it worth the hassle having your fur babies in the ceremony? Only you can answer that. Alana weighs up the pros and cons.

How to acknowledge absent loved ones during your Wedding Ceremony

EP 7 – For many different reasons there might be some VIPs missing from your celebration. How can we make their love, life, and personality be felt in the ceremony without having to make a FaceTime call in the middle of the ceremony, raise the dead or leave everyone in a crying puddle?

Should we have a reading at our ceremony?

EP 8 – Readings are soppy, religious and snooze-worthy… or are they? The element that most couples want to skip altogether most often become everyone’s fav part of an ‘Alana’ style wedding. Find out why!

HOLY SHIT, How do I write my wedding vows?

EP 9 – VOWS, every week hundreds of people around the world suffer from ‘Vow Writers Rash’, a condition brought on by freaking out over nothing.If this is you, stop, have a glass of wine, watch this video and all will be good again.

Witnesses at your wedding & how to choose them

EP 10 – Get the low down on the why you need witnesses, what they actually do and who to choose

What happens right after your ceremony

EP 11 – You’ve said “I do”, smooched and signed! Now what?


Do You Have A Wet Weather Plan?

EP 1 – The Rains Are Here!!!So I thought I’d make a video series to help people get through the stress of dealing with a potentially wet wedding day.


Back Up Plan is a GO!

EP 2 -The rain hasn’t let up. Time to activate ‘Plan B.’! In this video I talk about what to do from here, how to notify your guests of the new plan and which vendors can help you or should be contacted.

Alana has a new video series coming up and she wants to know ‘what you want to know about her?’.

Here is your chance to ask a wedding professional / ladyboss / and circus master what ever comes to mind. Shoot your Q’s here.

Cool Spaces To Get Married – ROOM THREE SIXTY

At the Q.U.T Events Precinct

A rad place for a summer twilight soiree wedding ceremony. Just saying.. Listen to my chat with Britt from the their events team. Oh and enjoy the view!

WEDDING CEREMONY SONGS – That won’t make you puke!

A couple of weeks in a row Brisbane’s Baker Boys Band and I were gigging at the same cool weddings! After this weeks ceremony James and I had a chat about songs that people often choose for their ceremonies and how they make me wanna lose my lunch. We had fun!