Simply not busy enough with marrying numerous couples every week, travelling to amazing venue locations, hosting events from time to time, writing out the odd blog post here and there, keeping up with the latest on Mia Freedman podcast (she really does love those) and you know chasing her kids (literally), running them to swimming lessons and always forgetting free dress day – Alana thought to herself..

“Wouldn’t it be great if there was.. like.. this site where really fantastic celebrants could sign up to be on and these really rad couples could check it out to find their soul mate equivalent of a celebrant! Sorta like a dating site but with the assurance that all the celebrants had been background checked to make sure they really do look like their profile pic and can play the guitar with their toes just like they claim to be able to”


We could be here all day telling you about WHIZ BANG. What it means to be affiliated with the club and all the things Alana (with great support from her team and the extended wedding community) gets up to, but it’s way easier if you just pop over to the site and have a look see for yourself.

Oh yeah.. if it so happens that you’ve already been married by Alana or seen one of the other bangin’ celebrants in action, would you be so kind as to leave them a review? Vendors included. As peeps who’ve seen the whole run of rubbish to rad weddings we think your testimony is worth a million bucks.